-the sublist is meant to make it quick and easy to get a player when you are short handed
-this is also a way for a new player to try out the DDA
-if you are a regular player and your team goes away, this is a good place for you to find a new team
-player fee is not due until you join a team

Player instructions
-contact us & get on the SubList
  (secretarydda@gmail.com -or- presidentdda180@gmail.com)
-any team in your approved division(s) may contact you to sub
-when you sub for the same team 3 times, you are on that team

Team Captain instructions
-if you need a sub, contact someone on the list (try to give at least 24 hour notice)
-team captain must notify DDA secretary of the usage of a sub
-subs are not counted toward your total number of players until they have subbed for you 3 times, at that point they become part of your team (an existing player may need to be dropped)

General info
-you do not need to be a DDA member to be on the sublist
-when you join a team, your dues need to be paid
-a new sub may not be used the last two weeks of the season


Rev 2023-10-30

Name                             Number               Division (s)

Jack Rudland                937-750-3383       All but Dime

Tom Keltner                 937-212-1689       Gold & Gem

Blake Lewis                  630-373-2193       All


The following are approved subs